[h][O][P][e] [❤]

        i MISS  YOU. i HATE you!  
 i LOVE you .
i dont  know what  was  going  on me.. us !  it was  an offense because i neglected  you..
actually  it's  not  like  that ...i  felt empty in my life..because  there's no you.. IN MY LIFE ! even once .. YES ! we do couple ..." but  honey , we dont  and never see each  other .!!
 are you happy with that condition..??  are  you  trust  me..?? are  you willing to have me if iam  not pretty ..? if iam fat? if iam not as clever as you..?? if  iam disable?? are you ..?? ..iam  afraid  if you left  me..because  for me to find  the  true  LOVE isnt  easy..
 and  iam  hard  to trust  and accept people  to be  my love easily.., 
once  i got it..., i will  never let it  go..

NOW ..we always arguing.. i am sorry , didnt meant to  hurt you ...
 i just  want certainlty and "we !" do seriously undergo our relationship ..
.just  that..its  not hard rite? but it seem so disapointed ,, . . . . 
 i was so  " demly" dissapointed when  you want our relation to be secret between us.
There was a time when  i chenged your status at facebook, when you knew that i ve changed it, you quickly deleted it said you felt   shame    to your friends.(╯_╰) ..
.at  that  time you dont  know i was  crying... and there another thing! 
at the same  time, i am online your facebook ..
but you  dont even know i read all your massege chatting ...
(with a girl.. mite b your friend..) ..
 i  saw  you  tried very  hard  to confident  her that you  are  single.. im nothing on you...
 ( you dont know that ...)
 PROUD TO YOU  because she was trust you... Huuu.....(╥_╥)  
.but  i cant.. its hard  to neglect you ... you  know what..! 
everyday  i smile  becauce  of you.. because every early in the  morning you 
 always massege  me advising me , give  me spirits to study smart..
(that time was  wonderful..) 
but  now when i wake  up there's  only cry. . . i want "K.I.T.A..yang dulu.."
i [W][i][s][H] [i][t]  [c][o][m][e] [b][a][c][k] ❤ 
where is it disappearing ? does it still existed..??


♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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  1. y? what happen? some time i felt lucky when my husband dont have a fb account.but he feel free to let me enjoy with my fb.

    hope you both will together. happinest is belong to everyone.

  2. :D 1st of all . . tq 4 d coment ..apriciated it much! huhu...about wut just a missunderstood btween me n him ...n thanks againt 4 d wish . . AMINN'. . . wut ur talk abt is true..:) "happinest is belong to everybody" saya pegang itu!


dearest ♥ ,
thanks sudi komen ..

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