it quite long i never post anything yet heree i comeee...huhu..

i miss my blog actually..but, i have to focus more on my study..tee hee...

how are you dear? what are doin rite now? ..btw.. lets move 'on to my topic..
juz now..i just visit someone blog... then ..
'SHE' tags people who visit her blog...
so.. i just decide to accept the invitation anyway...
its about "10 FACT  ABOUT YOU!" ..lets start it 

cout<<"i  easy fallinLOVE";

cout<<"i am a little crabby..";

cout<<" i am easy to cry";

cout<<"i always want more than that can make me happy!";/* its not about being arrogant to people ,its about my confidence

cout<<"i love someone, and i dont wanna lose him";

cout<<"when i get mad, i want every sigle things in my memory box is missing that it will not reminds me to those uneasy feelings...and i can talk to people like nothing happen";

cout<<"i hate when people trying to praise me in other word (they just used me)

cout<<”i have a secret, and no body knows it..jus HIM! S.WT...”;

cout<<”im afraid to see you sayang ....”;

cout<<”i am not a good friend anyway L”;

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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dearest ♥ ,
thanks sudi komen ..

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