hi peeps n bloved bloggie!..
how r u?
lookin great haa..hope so,
hv u eat 식사 yet? been quite long hven post anything yet ..
seem dat im kinda a bit buzy with asgnment n activies at campus..
but.. nw im gonna share something fo' u'ols..
its about my secret..huhu..
i do love 'her'
evrtme i lokd at her it seem dat i juz wanna be like her...
so... juz now i sech about wut fashion her like 2..
no doubt !..
she likes maysaa...
so do me ^^
she ws soo funky when i saw her with maysaa's dress...
so, i pick sum of her picture...
so nice....
 in this while, we also can c..
many tenagrs admre her alot...
she brings a new fashion live to gurls out thr...
"vintage" look like...
fo' me...:)

so, dekat sini i just wanna say..
she's my idol now ;D


even i like her a bit much ..tee hee...
but,i never forget THE ONE i sposed to feel dat way <3

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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dearest ♥ ,
thanks sudi komen ..

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