wanita - wanita TERTINGGI .

Yao Defen .

Yao Defen was crowned as tallest woman in the world by Guinness World in 2010 . Her weight is around 440 pounds or 200kg  and her tall is 234 cm .

Sandy Allen .

Sandy Allen was a former Guinness World`s record holder for tallest woman on earth since 76-2008 before she death. Her tall is 232 cm .

 Malgorzata Dydek 

 professional basketball player in United States. She was playing for WNBA since 1998-2008 . Her tall is 218 cm .

zainab bibi

from pakistan . now stay in USA , her tall is 218 cm .

 Uljana Semjonova

asket ball player in the world before Margo started her career in WNBA around 70s . Her tall is 213 cm .

Gitika Srivastava

Gitika Srivastava was a former female India basketball national team . Her tall is 211 cm .

 Malee Duangdee

She is the tallest woman in thailand . Her tall is 208 cm .

Caroline Welz

she is the tallest Model in the Germany and world . Her tall is 206 cm .

Rita Miniva Besa

Rita Miniva Besa came from Zambia and now she lives in US. Her tall is 203 cm .

 Heather Greene

 She is our last taller woman in this list and she is shorter among other 9 women before her. Apparently, she has a good living in Las Vegas. Her 196 cm .

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