a hint of happiness

Piece upon to all of you 
in my calendar shows that today is 28.oktober.2011 . heh
Well, just a reminder for me and you (someone<3).  closerrr  ... hurmm ...
Now I gasp...and gasp. (nak suprize apa utk dia ..? heh ..) 
hey ,, come to ur scnt la hunt ! heh .. okok ...
lemme tell u all secret or some steps  how to get a bunch of happy(:  nk x nk x ? msti nk kn ... keke .
ok , this way .. we all know that happy is an ephemeral . which is not long lasting . so sometime you could be happy but sometimes you also could be in anger , sad or something else .. so , in this point NOBODY likes to be in rite ? ... let me share some with you ...
here the steps .. that uncle said to me  , when your not in the rite mood, laugh loudly ! outloud ! HAHAHA :D
follow like what i did .. im screaming BUT !! (NOT infront others ... find a wide  opened space so , over there you can laugh n yell alone with-OUT nobody's knows)
then , if you need a little more comfy , just walk and go anywhere that is squite n calm garden or Masjid lah most importante ! hii ... hah , than , with  the air keep dancing through our skins and the azan ... haiyaa manyak senag meh +.+  . automatically , your emotion is under control . trust me . feel it ok !
gambar sekadar hiasan.
Just say no ,  eliminates any kind of situation that disturb you so .. ahead, you keep breath deeply to control sort of  situation or things that make you felt uncomfy (:  . that all , ins't easy ????? 

 inspired by seorang uncle .

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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