GOODBYE semester 3 , welcome semester 4 .

waaaa . takutnyeee .. ^^
SALAM. 28/11/2011
heyy peeps ! also stalkers
nice to see you here ..
enjoy while reading my entry here .. its holiday ! where were you gooing ? yuhuuu .. this month is full of exciting to students .. what a ferfect moment they have kids ! i just wanna say meee alsoo ! weeehooo :D [ is demn much enyoing rigth now ] heh .. its semester break ! dont be soo jelous out there ..  you all just have a 2 month break before right so its fair square . SPM  CANDIDATES ! do rivison ! hehe ...  all the best yoow .. i ve my lil sis also taking SPM .. for art paper .. hurmm .. its a bit tough i thought to whom is never learnt it seen sh/he was in level one then jump to the fourth level . it quite tought i thought .. i saw my lil sis doing her art work . and she didnt have basic .. it quite worriying me also my parents .. but she like  always ..  im farhaan okay .. everything is under control . puii ..  whatever it is i wishing you all the best doe !  come to rality . OMG .. am i in fantasy just now .. hehe ... whatever im babbling just no it  just an intro .. chill la dulu kawann .. ada lagi neh . heh ! okay? A few days ago, i had to part with all of my friends  its about 8 months kita tidak akan berjumpa...its okay ,, iwll still can keep in touch ..:) . we were very pleased with the success we were able to "sail" in smemster was fun ! horroble ..grrr .. and touchable sobs .. sobs ..  dear semester 3, please keep our memories in every fist of our hearts  and make it as a sweet moment between us and soo do  goodbye.  everything that is been thru in semester 3, i will upgrade some  of it and fix or better change it have a new of me . 4 semesters welcome! this semester will be more challenging Because, in this semester it will be my first time working.! huwaaa .. wht a vibretoo .. hehe ..i never work BEFORE. so, the ministry of higher education wants me to be more open more opened to the real world i will face after this. it quite and VERY unusual for me to be in this world. But I will also come away to ease me in the future insyaAllah.. AMIN doo  amin guys ..:) TQ  

p/s : to all my friends and stalkers whom will be practical :) wishing you all all the best and dont be so naughty yaww ! byebye 

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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