Happy Birthday sayang !

Asslamualaikum !
what a lovely monday  kan stalkers ,!
and the sweetest memory EVER   that is happened on me... was my first time i met my heart for  his-happy-day-out ! hehe .. its his birthday " . Happy birthday sayang .i am happy seadanya kamu disisi .hehe .
fighting - insult - marah is a normal thing happened between us , so,,. i hope everything is gonna be fine to us  and proceed , hopefully Allah blessing our relationship ..~ AMInnn...  in conjuction with your birthday me also wishing all the best for your degree - also praying you to have a good health and  -rich . hehe ..  by the way ,last-a-day , tak secomplete seperti apa yang dirancang , sorry taw ... next time ana akan buat yang lebih baik lagi okaay :) love you more sincerly - your Love 

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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dearest ♥ ,
thanks sudi komen ..

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