steps up friends ! hwaiting *

SALAM. olla peeps you too stalkers ! :D
what im gonna share is about healing broken heart.
actually im not a pro and also perfect in advising people who had a broken heart  . but , it just to give a hand to friends who had a broken heart . okaaay :)
i do realize that some of my friends got "clash" in relationship ... and i was so worried to them cause i really do know them ..and  how weak them to face the situation..* sorry ...
1stly girls , what you need to do after the end of relationship is MAKE A CHANGE !. wake up ! do something that not  linked to our EX . dont cry .. just do what makes you happy and accept the  fact that yor relationship is over . also dont forget to pray to Allah ,     you can find peaceful.

2nd, the thing that is simply impossible to you to do is get back together .,it not about inciting you, it just a better reason or step for you to get better .. lastly , you ought to do the best thing in you right , if you cant accept the fact reflash back what was going on bitween you and yoour ex .. and think , how to solve it . The best think that i can say is go out ! spread the +ve qualities on you and give people the gifts of you (: goodLuck dearest !
♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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