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Assalamuaalaikum semuaaa :D hoping all of you have a very blessed day ...
we know that if we using broadband , the connecton is unable to share with other surrounding us  .. but , actually, with  friendly OS WNDOW 7 *so far i know  ..  sharing connection using broadband is allowed. So , for those whom is very complicated to have a internet, you can share connection with your friends.what are we waiting for let try.

1 step - open your broadband connection.*if you dont ,  please make sure your friend did.

2 step - Now, go to the network symbol bottom of the screen of your lappy , then right click , choose
           " open network and sharing center".


3 step - the pop up box will shows the connection on your lappy, ignore it and pick a label shows
             "set up a new connection or network" under the connection information.  just like this picture
             shows you.        


4 step - then next step , select "set up wireless adhoc connection" and next. 


5 step - click next after reading the information before you going to the next step.

6 step - key in the name of network that you almost going to connect absolutely with their password just like 
             this picture. NOTE : pls get the password and name of network from the broadband owner. do not 
             key in by yourselves. NEXT .


7 step - pop up box is shown like  this picture and pls clicking the "Turn on Internet connection and sharing"  then NEXT.


8 step -   wait this it display that your connection is enable and your success (= *selamat mencuba ...THANKS

Saya nak kumpul duit untuk ringankan beban mama dan ayah ....could you help me out (=
just click this link it wont harm you ..
THANK YOU jasamu dikenang .. *chrupchrup

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