Jobless.what should i do?

i am a jobless person. 21 . fresh graduate. my place is at favourite hobby is blogging.Thing that bother me these days is i need money. but the problem are i dont have effort.transport and any plan.err... the disease that came these days for me is jelousy to see my friends spending their time wisely while me? herfhh.. 'bela badan'. what should i do?

Saying :

mom : says that i should take english commnucation class.
ayah : says i should join bussiness make money while online.
friend 1 : says you should go to infosys course at johor.but i already rejecting it -,-
friend 2 : says let join me to find job together.well she didnt call me back. hurmm ..
me : says i should wake up and get job now !!!!!!!!!!!

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