Sisters Chantique

Sisters Chantique is coming.............. haha ping pong ..
  shake handed . Assalamualaikum.Hai.Hi.Anyeong!

News for you. folowers.Allah is everything!Allahuakhbar.. Now im not a maid anymore kiki... am officially a 'worker'.Alhamdulilah . Thank for this reward and thanks for listening to me. its kinda a month 'spinning-around-all-alone' how to get job.. finally my mama herself offering me job in her company.Alhamdulilah. "dapat-la-sikit-sikit-kan-janji-masuk".

NOW! listen guys instead of being a full time worker at ma's company... i got an idea(inspired by my friend) to do part time job .guest! what it is? ahhaa.. snowwash cars..?? noooeppp! it dropshipping.. jang jang..  she just started her business about a year if im no mistaken.. so, she ask me why dont you try doing business? its really great instead of getting money you still can collect expiriend! the more you get the more you worth! dont waste your time fb-ing ! do something. wah! "kena-marah"

so i take lots of time to think, bacause business is not an easy thing like "petik-jari" .We need money to buy lotsof thingss.... woups! i dont even know what is dropshipping and how it process. so i goo googling.waah wah wah..  starting from now on i dont wanna waste my time "nga-nga"(it means open your beautiful mouth 'politely' :P)  because  dropshipping is an easy business process ever i know...if you wanna know more details what exactly dropshipping is.. you may click this link bro google will show you .so i dont want to waste my time and yours too.. i just want you all with "rela-hati"(means open-heart)  to accept and visit my first business page ..........

 here we go Sisters Chantique . We preserve you baju kurung modern, pahang, jacket varsity and not to miss AURAWHITE ;) more to come.. just wait and see.. adois amigos.byebye.SALAM. like tau jangan tak like.    <--------- Click here!

♥ Terima Kasih daun keladi ,kalau sudi datang lagi ☻ ✔ .

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